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Students at Nathanael Greene Elementary Are Learning Through Cooking

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                Contact: Bryan Huber



Stanardsville, VA, September 25, 2019

Students at Nathanael Greene Elementary School & Primary School are engaged in an innovative, year-long project called “Let’s Get Cooking!” that will bring together students, teachers, school nutrition staff, families, and local businesses. In classrooms across grade levels this year, teachers are using cooking as a vehicle to introduce mathematics concepts and skills. Students in each grade level will then collaborate with school nutrition staff to plan, eat, and evaluate the success of a school lunch meal. In addition, twelve students from each grade level and their families will be selected to participate in cooking lessons taught by local chefs, each from a different restaurant. These students will shop for, prepare, and cook a meal for their families. After the meal, families will take home the recipe and all the ingredients necessary to replicate the experience at home.


According to Instructional Coach Jen Myers, “Let’s Get Cooking!” will engage and motivate students through hands-on learning experiences in mathematics that empower them for lifelong success. “We believe that it is so important to provide our students with authentic, real-world experiences that give them the opportunity to work together and interact with folks in our community.”


Myers also emphasized that the project is directly connected to four key elementary math strands: Number and Number Sense, Computation and Estimation, Measurement, and Probability and Statistics. Tailored activities will include the calculation and/or estimation of costs to stay within a given budget, researching healthy choices, following multi-step directions in a recipe, using fractions and measurement tools to prepare the food. Menus will focus on healthy options that honor the culture of the highlighted restaurant.


In order to fund this project, Myers along with her colleagues Martha Taylor and Linda Haselton wrote and won a grant from the Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics last year for almost $5,000. The first “Let’s Get Cooking” evening will be on September 25 for selected fifth grade students.