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Nathanael Greene Elementary Supporting Students Displaced by Wildfire

Nathanael Greene Elementary Supporting Students Displaced by Wildfire

Stanardsville, VA, December 17, 2018

The Student Council Association (SCA) at Nathanael Greene Elementary School (NGES) is collecting funds to help students who lost their school to a wildfire. On November 8, a wildfire destroyed the entire town of Paradise, California, including Paradise Elementary School. According to Kim McInturff and Linda Haselton, the NGES SCA faculty co-sponsors, their 40 SCA student members are aiming to raise $1,100 for the Paradise students.


According to Debbie Davis, Principal of Paradise Elementary School, and Alisha Sant, Assessment and Compliance Technician for Paradise Unified School District, many of the teachers, students, and families are homeless and without transportation. For students, classes started back on December 3 in another town about 23 miles away. The families most pressing needs are gift cards for classroom supplies, gas, groceries, and restaurants.


The SCA debated fundraising for a few worthy causes, but decided on helping the Paradise children after one NGES student said, “They need our help now. This can’t wait.” After reaching out to Paradise Elementary School, the SCA voted to raise money to send to Paradise Elementary School. The SCA student representatives then set a goal of raising $1,100 ($55 per classroom). Ms. McInturff and Ms. Haselton said that the Grinch agreed to make an appearance on December 20 if the students reached their goal by December 19th. The spirit of giving is now spreading across the school. NGES classrooms are competing to raise the most funds and some teachers are pledging to match their students’ donations. Ms. McInturff said, “It is the season for giving and that is what we are hoping people will do - give to those who are in need.”   


The NGES SCA is comprised of 40 student members and two faculty co-sponsors. Each homeroom has a main and alternative representative. This organization allows students to show leadership, teamwork, and citizenship skills.  Not only do the representatives plan activities for the students and staff, but they also try to find ways to help the community.  


NGES is accepting monetary donations from anyone who wants to contribute.  100% of the proceeds will be sent directly to the Paradise Elementary School.