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Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Courtney Thompson and family

Congratulations Mrs. Courtney Thompson for being named RES Teacher of the Year 2019-2020. Mrs. Thompson was hired as a teacher in Greene County Public Schools while she was in her student teaching preparedness program. Since that time, Mrs. Thompson has taught at Ruckersville Elementary School for 11 years in a variety of grade levels and positions. These educational positions included kindergarten, first grade, third grade, fifth grade, and most recently, as the building’s instructional coach. Personally, Mrs. Thompson is married and has two children, who both attend RES, and two dogs. Mrs. Thompson is an avid lover of the outdoors. She enjoys traveling, running, hiking, and yoga, which she incorporates into her lesson activities and clubs with our students. Mrs. Thompson also enjoys reading, which she instills in her own children and her students. Mrs. Thompson is an excellent collaborator and team player who has not only brought many experiences to the students and teachers at Ruckersville Elementary School but also to the Greene County Public School division.

As a teacher, Mrs. Thompson strives to develop a natural love of learning and inquisition in her students.  She holds students to high, but reasonable, expectations and offers support in a variety of ways that best support each individual learner.  She has developed a passion and personal commitment to helping students to succeed both in and out of the classroom. Mrs. Thompson is also committed to maintaining open lines of communication with families and often spends time calling parents with positive praise of their child.  Her teaching style demonstrates dedication to fostering a positive learning environment for all students while maximizing individual student performance through the use of relatable lessons and building relationships with students.

Her background as an innovative educator inspired her to achieve professional growth in the form of becoming Ruckersville Elementary School’s Instructional Coach.  In her current role as the Instructional Coach, Mrs. Thompson develops highly effective lesson plans, motivational activities to increase student engagement, and creative professional development opportunities coupled with a variety of means of increasing staff morale.  Mrs. Thompson has received positive feedback from parents, administrators, and fellow educators alike for her abilities in the classroom and a positive and encouraging attitude around the school and county.