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New Teacher Support

A teachers works with a student


  • New employee orientation, includes a day with a grade-level/department mentor
  • Special summer event for first-year/provisionally licensed teachers
  • In-person or virtual meeting with teacher support coordinator during the summer

Virginia New Teacher Support Program (VANTSP)

All first-year/provisionally licensed teachers (in collaboration with James Madison University):

Individualized Coaching Cycles

  • Specific to the needs of early career teachers during the first three years
  • Ongoing coaching on an as-needed basis 
  • Collaborative relationships with instructional and behavioral coaches

First Year Mentor

  • All first-year teachers assigned mentors from grade level/department
  • Support with team/department and building-specific procedures and tasks
  • Monthly mentor-mentee meetings to review items of importance shared by the teacher support coordinator

Additional Support

  • Grade level/department team members
  • Grade level/department chair
  • Building administration
  • Teacher Support Coordinator