• Gina Roth

    _______________________________________William Monroe High School ♦

    Hello, my name is Gina Roth and this school year will be my 8th year at William Monroe High School as an assistant principal.  I have most recently come from Spotswood High School in Rockingham County where I was a math teacher for 17 years. I graduated from The College of Notre Dame and received my masters degree from JMU.  I live in Harrisonburg with my two sons, one of which is starting his sophomore year at JMU and the other is a senior at Spotswood High School.  It has been amazing watching how fast the time flies- they were just little kids and now they are both driving! My oldest is on the spectrum but does amazing well despite his disability- he loves video games and game nights. My youngest is also a gamer but likes to run track and watch movies.

    I am currently the assistant principal for 10th grade students and 9th graders with the last names Ha-Mi and I am really looking forward to getting to know the new freshmen as well as the 10th graders that I did not have a chance to touch base with last year.  My favorite things to do in my spare time are hiking, watching movies, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends.  I am originally from Baltimore (although I have been here since 1994), so I enjoy steamed crabs and seafood as well as pizza and pit beef! I totally enjoy my job at WMHS- I love working with the students and staff and especially like helping students to make plans for their future! 

    Gina's Sons