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About Us

The GCPS Transportation Department is responsible for the safe and timely transportation of students attending Greene County Public Schools.  School bus transportation is provided to and from school for students residing in the Greene County school division. The department operates a fleet of 56 school buses.  Bus services are provided for daily routes, special programs, special needs, athletics, and instructional activity field trips.

The department is comprised of three functional areas: Administrative, Operations and Transportation Analysis. 

Administrative: The department is responsible for conducting annual evaluations to ensure the department is in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations for school transportation operations.  The department also provides guidance to drivers and implements corrective actions as required.

Operations: The department provides support to the day-to-day home to school needs, field trips, athletic trips, and other extracurricular trips to ensure we are providing safe and reliable transportation. This department is also responsible for the recruitment, training and evaluation of all school bus drivers.  The personnel in Operations responds to all concerns from bus drivers, school principals, parents, and the general public.

Analysis: The department routes and reroutes school buses as needed to accommodate growth within the community.

Mission And Goals

Greene County Public Schools serves more than 3,000 students within five campus buildings.  Greene County Transportation Department employs approximately 93 personnel. 


The mission of the Greene County Public Schools Transportation Department is to provide the safest and most efficient pupil transportation services to our students, our schools and our community.  By completing this mission, we assure you that we shall assist in our division meeting its goals. 


* All GCPS Transportation personnel will ensure that all students are transported to and from home safely.

* All drivers will achieve 100% route completion without incident or accident.

* The department will increase its linear density to the highest possible group.