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Google Resources

Google's Teach From Home 
Google for Education -
For Google Certifications click on the Certifications dropdown near the top of the page.

EDU in 90 - YouTube videos from Google for Education. New topics are introduced 3 times each month. Subscribe to the channel to keep up to date.
EDU in 90 
Google Apps - Google Apps are application products provided by Google and include Google Drive, Docs, Gmail, Calendar and more. To learn more about Google Apps, click on the links below.
How Google Apps Work
Google Suite for Education
Google Chrome - Chrome is a web browser with many features developed by Google. To learn more about Chrome, click on the link below.
Chrome Help
Gmail - Gmail is now the email service being used by Greene County Public Schools. It is available for all portable, electronic devices. To learn more about Gmail, click on the links below.
Gmail Help
Gmail Cheat Sheet
Google Drive - Google Drive is a cloud storage service that allows you to store your documents, photos, videos, and more online. Google Drive is where you can access Google Docs which includes documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more from anywhere while online. To learn more about Google Drive and Google Docs, click on the links below.
Google Drive Help
Drive Cheat Sheet
Docs Cheat Sheet
Google Classroom - Teachers are able to create a paperless classroom environment that allows the teacher to have instant access to student work and manage every aspect of the classroom workflow digitally. Google Classroom is blended with Google Docs, Drive, and Gmail. Also, it provides teachers and students with a safe environment to communicate with each other and exchange ideas and comments on educational content.
What's New in Google Classroom
Chromebook - When you log into a Chromebook you are connected to the Internet, so you can quickly browse the web or use Google apps.
Chromebook Help
Google Search Education - Educate your students on how to research web resources and help them to ultimately become independent learners.
Google Search Education
Google Forms - With Google Forms you can create surveys, polls, questionnaires, tests, quizzes and more.
G Suite Learning Center - Getting started with Forms
Forms Cheat Sheet
Google Sheets - Create spreadsheets, import data, analyze and share data with Google Sheets.
G Suite Learning Center - Getting started with Sheets
Sheets Cheat Sheet
The New Google Sites - Create a classroom site to share information with parents, students, and peers.
Google Sites Help
Sites Cheat Sheet
Google Slides - Google Slides is your presentation app. Easily share and/or collaborate on projects.
G Suite Learning Center - Getting started with Slides
Slides Cheat Sheet
Google Maps
Google Maps Help
Google Maps Tutorial
Google Tour Builder