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Pandemic EBT Updates

Please read the notice below distributed by the Virginia Department of Social Services:

*VDSS Notice*:

On the morning of Thursday, Oct. 26, 2023, there will be a message stating that "this number is no longer in service" when constituents call the two VDSS P-EBT phone lines, 866-513-1414, and 804-294-1633.
VDSS has created messaging to be posted on both our public webpage and social media pages to inform constituents of the P-EBT phone lines being down and to redirect them to our PEBT portal to submit inquiries. 
There is no estimated timeframe on when the numbers will become operational again. 

*End of VDSS Notice*

There will be no more issuances of P-EBT benefits. Please see the P-EBT Updates website for more information. Questions about P-EBT card activation or replacement and P-EBT account balances should be directed to ConnectEBT or by calling 1-866-281-2448. You can also download the ConnectEBT app on a mobile device.