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Textbook Adoption

The Virginia Literacy Act (VLA) passed by the Virginia General Assembly in 2022, and expanded in 2023, focuses on improving literacy outcomes for all students in the commonwealth. The VLA requires that “each local school board shall provide a program of literacy instruction that is aligned with science-based reading research and provides evidenced-based literacy instruction to students in kindergarten through grade eight.”

The Virginia Board of Education approved the list of approved Core Instruction Resources during their December 2023 board meeting.

The following are approved and under review by Greene County Public Schools:

CKLA by Amplify Education
Benchmark Advance by Benchmark Education Company
Into Reading by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company
Imagine Learning EL Education, 2nd Edition by Imagine Learning LLC
Open Court Reading, 1st Edition by McGraw Hill LLC
Wonders, 1st Edition by McGraw Hill LLC
Bookworms K-5 Reading & Writing, 1st Edition by Open Up Resources
myView Literacy by Savvas Learning Company

Please review Greene County Public Schools' checklist to learn more about our textbook adoption procedures and protocol. 

Parents can also visit the Scholastic website to find preschool curriculum under review for adoption.