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Gifted Education


It is our mission to support, teach, and challenge all students to reach higher levels of achievement. To serve our advanced learners, GCPS offers gifted education services for students with general intellectual aptitude beginning in kindergarten and continuing through twelfth grade. These services consider a student’s strengths, interests, and needs, and offer qualitatively differentiated instruction to promote independent thinking and critical problem-solving skills.

Operational Definition

Gifted students demonstrate the potential for exceptional academic achievement which we, in turn, must address and serve. This potential can be seen in one or more academic area including language arts, math, science, and social studies. To assess giftedness, we use multiple measures including nationally norm referenced cognitive testing, gifted behavior rating scales, teacher observation, and other sources. Gifted students thrive when we provide differentiated curriculum that is engaging and complex. Such services may include pull-out or push-in resource, advanced courses, and enrichment—all of which complement and extend our general curriculum, while meeting the specific needs of each student.  

GCPS Local Gifted Plan