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Provisional Licenses

Provisional Licensure only occurs after an applicant has accepted a contracted teaching position with a Virginia public school division or accredited private school. The Human Resources Coordinator will assist all contacted teachers who are eligible for a Provisional License with the application process. Even if an applicant is eligible for a Provisional License, the Virginia Department of Education will not issue the license unless it has been requested by the school with which the applicant has been contracted.

The Provisional License allows instructional personnel additional time (typically three years) to meet any remaining licensure requirements. Documented progress should be made each school year, and the requirements must be met by the expiration of the Provisional License.

The Human Resources Coordinator will process all documentation and requests to change a non-renewable Provisional License to a 10-year renewable license once the requirements have been met. Please notify the Human Resources Coordinator as soon as all requirements have been met or if you have any questions about outstanding requirements.

Bridget Keys, Human Resources Coordinator
(434) 939-9017