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License Renewal

Renewal Basics

Renewal of a five-year license requires 180 recertification points. Effective July 1, 2018, renewable licenses will be issued for 10 years. Renewal of a 10-year license will require 270 recertification points.

License renewals may be submitted beginning January 1st of the renewal year. This means that your application cannot be signed with a date before January 1. If you apply with a date before January 1, you will have to resubmit it with a date of January 1 or later.

The Renewal Manual (.docx) outlines the renewal process and contains the Application for License Renewal. The manual provides a summary of activities in which you can participate to earn recertification points, as well as the point value for such activities. In addition to those outlined in the Renewal Manual (.docx), here are some other common recertification point values: 

  • Hosting a Student Teacher = 90 points
  • Hosting a Practicum Teacher = 30 points
  • Mentoring a new teacher = 25 points
  • Conferences that are 4 or more hours = 5 points for the day
  • PD Presenter for GCPS = 5 points

Note: All Professional Development Hours also count as Recertification Points. Not all Recertification Points are Professional Development Hours.

Renewal packets (application, certificates for statutory requirements, and payment) should be submitted to the HR Coordinator in Central Office after January 1st of the renewal year. Submissions should occur no later than March 31. If additional time is needed to satisfy all renewal requirements, please contact the HR Coordinator. 

Bridget Keys, Human Resources Coordinator
(434) 939-9017