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William Monroe High School senior elected JVG state VP


WMHS senior Keyry Rodriguez participates in a student leadership event.
Chad Saylor


William Monroe High School senior Keyry Rodriguez was recently elected Jobs for Virginia Graduates (JVG) state vice president.

Rodriguez represented Greene County and the commonwealth during her recent trip to Washington, D.C. Rodriguez and 300 students from around the country gathered at the National Student Leadership Academy event November 30 to December 2 to discuss topics important to JVG.

Rodriguez also participated in leadership training network sessions, etiquette training, and spoke to members of the House of Representatives about Jobs for America Graduates (JVG is the Virginia JAG chapter). 

In her application, Rodriguez submitted a video recording of how JAG had impacted her and what she plans to do as a state officer; she also completed a panel interview and provided letters of recommendation. 

“We are exceptionally proud of Keyry’s selection as JVG vice president,” said Jess Peregoy, principal of Greene County Technical Education Center. “This opportunity to represent Greene County Public Schools on a national level is a testament to her hard work and upstanding character,” added Peregoy. 

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