• SCHOOL YEAR 2022/2023
    We are so thrilled to be back in the kitchen and cooking for our students in school this year! Students in all of our schools will be able to enjoy meals in the cafeteria this year! Breakfast protocols are different at each school. Some schools serve breakfast in the classroom, others at kiosks, and still others through the cafeteria line. Every school is different and may not have the same protocol when compared to another school. If you have a specific concern or question about your student's meals or what is happening in that kitchen, you are encouraged to reach out to the kitchen manager at that school for more information. Due to GCPS participating in the CEP program, all meals are available at NO COST to students this year. That means FREE! While we are facing some set backs with supply chain disruptions and shortages, we still strive to provide students with a balanced, nutritious meal every single day. It's hard to learn when you're hungry, so we invite all students to participate in our daily school nutrition offerings. We look forward to serving you back in the cafeteria!
    Virginia Harvest of the Month
    Virginia Harvest of the Month is a program that is designed to increase awareness of and promote the preparation and consumption of local, seasonal fruits and vegetables. As a team, GCPS School Nutrition Department will do our best to incorporate each month's harvest onto the menu.
    Click here to see a month by month breakdown of the Virginia Harvest of the Month, complete with fun facts each month!
    March's Harvest of the Month is:
    Kale is a green leafy vegetable that is high in fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and potassium, as well as antioxidants. Kale belongs to the same family as cabbage, collard greens, and Brussels Sprouts: the cruciferous family. Kale can be eaten raw, baked as kale chips for a healthy chip alternative, sauted, boiled, in soup, or even in juices and smoothies. Kale will be appearing on all March Menus!