• Google Hangouts Meet

    Using Hangouts.google.com

    • Go to hangouts.google.com
    • Select Video Call
    • Choose Join or Start a meeting
    • If creating a new meeting, enter the name of the meeting. If joining a meeting enter the meeting code or nickname
    • If creating a meeting, add people from the greenecountyschools.com domain that you wish to participate 

    For additional information see Start a video meeting using Google and/or this YouTube video

    To record the meeting

    • After starting the meeting, select more options.  (3 dots on the bottom right corner of your screen)
    • Select record meeting. The meeting will be saved to your Google drive

    Closed Captioning

    • Closed captioning can be added either from selecting the "Turn on Captions" button or through settings

    To present 

    • Select Present Now and choose either your entire screen or a particular window.

    For additional training and help click here.